About Us

Oh, hey there!

We are Andia & Chez, two besties who have more photos of food than sense. Funnily enough, we met at the gym a few years ago…and it truly was love at first brunch. Yes, we are those people who think that exercising makes it perfectly okay to reward yourself with a burger…or five.

When we’re not studying, working or working out, we like to spend our time gallivanting across Sydney bars, cafés, restaurants and food trucks (anywhere that serves up beautiful food & drinks really). We both have a bit of a passion (but more of a heart-throbbing obsession) for baking, so you’ll definitely see a recipe or two up here from time to time as well.

From Monday through Friday, we generally eat quite healthy, wholesome and home made food (unless you know, there is limited edition salted caramel & Nutella waffle covered in ice cream, sitting on top of a Milo milkshake with Tiny Teddies and Tim Tams crushed all over it, just waiting to be eaten). Life is all about balance and it’s definitely too short to deprive yourself of donuts. We don’t believe in diets. Just sustainable attitudes towards eating. We love honest & simple cooking but there is also a reason why stressed is dessert spelt backwards. You get our drift.

Thanks for checking out our little journal of food adventures. We hope you have stumbled across some gastronomic goodies that have tantalised your tastebuds and downright just made you want to lick your screen. If we haven’t taken the bottomless pits that are our stomachs to your favourite local establishment, or there is something you think we hands down must try and cook…please get in touch! We love hearing from fellow foodies who don’t eat to live, but live to eat…just like we do.



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