Toto Champagne and Wine Bar – Surry Hills

Toto Champagne Wine Bar is Sydney’s newest exclusive after hours venue, perfect for winding down after a tough day at work, catching up with friends for a drink, or the ideal date night.

As soon as you step foot into Toto, you feel as though you have been whisked away to a world of luxury and opulence. With dark interiors, beautiful lush furnishings, a marble bar, and extraordinary staff, we were able to settle into a night of delicious drinks and food and felt like we were the only ones in the venue!

Our expectation of the evening was to experience some delicious drinks, as of course, it is a Champagne Wine Bar. Our experience went well beyond this – not only were the drinks out of this world, the food was absolutely incredible. Toto has a delicious Southern Italian inspired tasting menu – and we can confirm that there is not only fresh, authentic, homemade ingredients going into these dishes, but a whole lot of Italian love and passion – this is what makes the real difference!

We started the evening off with two glasses of NV Pommery Brut Royal. A deliciously light and smooth French Champagne – the perfect way to take the edge off the week, and ease into a night of delicious food, good company and plenty of drinks!


This was paired with our first dish of the evening – Octopus Leg, Leek Puree and Confit Tomato. Not often is octopus cooked to perfection, however every bite of this dish was tender, soft, and mouthwatering.


Over another glass of NV Pommery Brut Royal we enjoyed our next share plate – Seared Scallops, Crispy Kipfler, Panzanella Sauce, and Buffalo Milk Cream. This dish was simple and beautiful – the perfect combination of textures and flavours.


After the champagne, it was time to move onto another specialty of Toto – cocktails! We indulged in the Toto Spritz, a take on the original Aperol Spritz – it was the perfect blend of Aperol, Prosecco, guava juice, blood orange and lemon syrup, bringing out the delicious bitter flavours of Aperol through the blood orange and guava juice, yet with a touch of sweetness from the Prosecco and lemon syrup.

We also had the pleasure of experiencing the Fashion Rhubarb – served in a beautiful whisky ball on a delecatly crafted ice sphere, this cocktail was an infusion of Makers Mark whiskey, homemade rhubarb jam and San Pellegrino. A delightful combination of the depth of whiskey and the tangy rhubarb made for a perfect cocktail.


Next up was the Slow Roasted Pork Belly with Parsnip & a Red Wine Reduction. This is where the true Italian love and passion came through – without a doubt, this is one of the best pieces of pork belly I have experienced in my life to date. It was juicy, every bite melted in my mouth, it had a beautiful sweetness without being overwhelmingly sweet, and of course, it was accompanied by two large pieces of perfect crunchy crackling. We paired this dish with two glasses of 2016 Torbreck ‘Woodcutters Shiraz’ from the Barossa Valley – a beautifully light and flavoursome Shiraz which went down an absolute treat with this dish.

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 11.35.18 pm
Photo Courtesy of Toto Champagne & Wine Bar

We finished of our evening at Toto with an incredible dessert – Orgasm on a Plate. A perfect Chocolate Tortino, with Strawberry Marsala and Gelato. This dish was everything you would want from a chocolate tortino, and more! Fluffy on the outside, creamy and oozing on the inside. The perfect way to end a beautiful evening!

We highly recommend popping in to Toto Champagne and Wine Bar if you are seeking a bit of a treat yourself, an overdue catch up with friends, or if you want to treat your date to something extra special.

C x


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