The Frisco Hotel – Woolloomooloo

Located a short walk from Woolloomooloo wharf, the recent relaunched Frisco Hotel not only caters for those looking for a good hearty local pub feed, but also those seeking unique cocktails and a seafood inspired menu by the harbours edge.


Head chef David Park, and owner Adam Micola treated us to an absolute feast. Both graced us with their company over a drink, telling us about their passion for not only the hospitality and food industry, but for transforming the Frisco Hotel into somewhere that locals can still enjoy a reasonably priced beer, while also being a destination for delicious, fresh and locally sourced food and cocktails.

We kicked off our food journey with a Sushi & Sashimi Platter ($28) full of a fresh daily selection of salmon, tuna and kingfish, and Fresh Oysters ($4ea) topped with chopped chilli, shallots and ponzu. Initially cautious about what sort of Sushi and Sashimi would arise from the kitchen of a “pub”, this exceeded all of our expectations – every single bite was fresh, delicious, and overall an extremely generous serving for the price!


Continuing our seafood inspired menu, we dove straight into the Popcorn Shrimp ($15) and Mini Lobster Rolls ($16). My god, that Popcorn Shrimp!!!!! A slightly crunchy exterior, with melt in your mouth shrimp on the inside, combined with a delicious spicy mayo, this is the kind of food you catch yourself craving at all hours of the day!


The Fried Calamari ($14) was certainly not your standard deep fried Salt & Pepper Squid! Fried in squid ink batter, one bite of these bigger than bite size bad boys and we guarantee you’ll be begging for more. Rather than the taste of pure batter and oil, this dish was deliciously tender, ensuring the full squid flavour was brought through, had a slight crisp on the outside, and served with a delicious saffron aoili – take me back!!


We didn’t think this could be beaten…however then entered the mains! By this time, the belly’s were full, the food sweats were real, but this food was just too good to stop eating! First up was the Grilled Angus Steak ($24). Grilled to absolute medium rare perfection, served with a very generous portion of thick cut wedges, what’s not to love!?


We finished off our meal with what I would consider the highlight of our whole dining experience, the Grilled Miso Salmon with shiitake and enoki mushrooms, in the chefs signature miso sauce ($24). The salmon melted in the mouth, and the sauce was the kind where you look around to see if anyone would notice you licking the plate clean!


Although we didn’t get around to polishing off a few cocktails from the Rum inspired cocktail menu, we have no doubt we will be back soon to give them a good whirl. We may already know what the first cab off the rank will be…The Caramelised Pear, with vodka, butterscotch lime and pear! We’ll take 5 please!

screen-shot-2017-02-26-at-11-24-38-amChez x


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