La Crema Lounge – Allambie Heights

One of our favourite things about food adventuring is discovering unexpected, local, small businesses that just know how to feed you the way you want to be fed #bowchicawowwow.

With an emphasis on modern, simple food done right with a bit of a fancy flare, La Crema Lounge legit blew our socks off. I’m sure I won’t really need to say anymore to convince you of the sheer amazeballs-ness of this place after I tell you that they make everything: their pasta, gnocchi, cakes and pastries in house. Themselves. Errryyyyyday. YASSSSSSS.

Their cuisine is inspired by North Italian flavours and produce, created and beyond artistically plated by head chef Jacopo. Their focus on sustainable, locally-sourced produce guarantees flavour and freshness. Anywho, enough jibber jabber…let’s get down to the food.

Scorched Ocean Trout Salad

Our meal was off to a bangin’ start when this plate was put in front of us. Served with sashimi, confi lemon zest, blood orange, fennel and blood orange sorbet, Chez & I kind of just started at each other for a bit not knowing whether to laugh or cry in happiness. We FROTH for fresh, zesty food and anything with sashimi in it…you have our hearts. This trout was scorched to perfection & melted in your mouth with the divine combo of flavours. Mos def did finger-lick the plate clean in public. No shame.

Zucchini Flowers with cheese & herb emulsion

Never ever have we ever had a zucchini flower with a batter that was crispy AF like this. The four cheese emulsion on the inside was just nek level indulgent & for two people who aren’t the biggest fans of cheese…we were pretty impressed/surprised/confused/whatever just go with it over how much we liked this dish.

Spring Lamb

A leg of spring lamb cooked sous-vide and roasted with candied tomatoes, Croatian style kale, spinach and fermented radish. If that sentence doesn’t get you excited in the pants then soz, we probably wouldn’t get along very well. The lamb fell apart the second our forks touched it and we FORKING JUMPED FOR JOY. Everything about this dish was balanced. The textures, the flavours, the temperatures and even the colours. Personally, this was my favourite dish of the day and I think I no joke could have had 4 of them to myself. Yurrmeehhhh.

Black Angus Sirloin

WHAT A WORK OF ART! We had to ask for an explanation of this lush looking dish three times. The prettiness of it overwhelmed us slightly…it was almost too pretty to eat. Just kidding…who are we?! The marriage of wild truffle mash, potato rosti, leeks poached in vanilla and butter, carrots sous-vide with garlic, fennel seeds and a 60 year old balsamic glaze was just magic. Generally if you say the words ‘potato rosti’ I zone out and just hear “Gimme More” but Britney Spears in my head. This rosti had a great flavour. It wasn’t as crispy as I would have liked but was still tasty.

‘Not quite a carrot cake’

Number 1 of 4 deserts: compressed carrot sponge, ginger spiced chocolate mousse, sour apricot gel, cream cheese, carrot mousse and chocolate glaze. FOUR DESSERTS! WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!! This bad boy was a good time. It was kind of like a hybrid cross between a cheesecake and an Opera Gateau but with a carrot-y flavour. I don’t even really know how to explain it. All I can say is that it was tastyyyyy.

Apple Pie

This little and unsuspecting piece of pastry was actually such a good time. It was like a party that all your best friends are invited to…but in your mouth. It was sweet, sour, crunchy, soft and everything else fabulous you’d want in a dessert. The freshness of this dessert was funnily enough, a definitely welcome a palette cleanser in contrast to the others we ate. Going to go so far as to say that this one is a must-order when visiting.

5 types of chocolate

Not even going to bother explaining this any other way than we had a full on fight to the death between us when this was put on the table. There were no manners, no polite offering it to each other first…it was literally a game of ‘inhale as much as you can, as fast as you can’. I don’t think we even looked at any of the other desserts until every last crumb of this one had disappeared. So decadent. So rich. Just the way chocolate should be.

Granny Smith Apple

This cloudy bundle of joy was Granny Smith Apple mousse with candied granny smith apples inside. This was probably the simplest, most calm but still yummy dessert of the handful we tried. If you’re after something sweet at the end of your meal, but don’t want to be slapped in the face with flavour, richness or complexity then this is the dessert for you. Light, fresh and yummy!

We cannot speak highly enough of the local and hidden gem that is La Crema Lounge. We were absolutely blown away by the passion for and attention to detail that goes into every plate of food created in their kitchen. It has been a while since we met a team so invested in the quality and sourcing of their food, which is absofrigginlutely reflected in everything they serve. If you live locally, or even if you don’t…do yourself a favour and get to La Crema Lounge as soon as you can.

x AJ


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