The Glenmore – The Rocks

Say the words “Sunday Sesh” and you have my undivided attention. There’s just something about an ice cold beverage, some solid snacks, good music and good company that just gets all my feels going. Given that Sydney’s supposed winter is a bit undecided at the moment, it seemed only appropriate to indulge in a serious Sunday session while the sun was shining. If you’re familiar with The Rocks in Sydney at all, you’ll know what I mean when I say that there is legit no better spot for it than The Glenmore Rooftop. Admittedly, while I’ve been there more times than I dare count for drinks, I’ve never properly explored the food menu. That was the goal I set myself as I walked up the mountainous stairs that lead to my most favouritest watering hole, with a simply divine view of the harbour.

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet because what I absolutely loved about the food here was that it’s simple. There’s nothing you can’t pronounce on the menu, nothing that makes you go “ummm, not sure I’ll like that”. It’s pub food, stepped up a notch or two and done really friggin well.

We opted to have all our food come out at once, something I’ve realised we tend to do because it’s nice to be able to pick at dishes as you please, go back and forth between plates and just graze. There was no order to how we ate these dishes, and given the fact that we were absolutely STARVING, it’s safe to say that it just turned into a giant free for all.

Our little lunch spread for two.

Let me start with the bucket of Hot Wings ($19.90). If the generous 1kg serving size of these babies isn’t enough to grab your attention, let me just tell you the sauce absolutely will. A spicy, BBQ, comeback style sauce that will have you totally licking your fingers. YUM YUM YUM! Great value if you want to indulge in them solo style or definitely more than enough to share!

Next up we had the Barramundi ($28.50) – pan roasted with bacon dashi, soba noodles, asparagus, shitake and red shizo. This was delish!! The fish was cooked to pure perfection and remained crisp despite sitting on top of a pool of the bacon dashi. I can’t say either of us have ever had barramundi this way, but boy was it a pleasant surprise. It was fun, super flavoursome and innovative without being over the top. Highly recommend because (as you can see in the bottom left hand corner of the above photo), the size of the fish was huge but didn’t leave you feeling sickly full. This main with the steamed broccolini ($8.00) side was perfect. The soy ginger and sesame seeds of the dish worked really well with the Asian flavours of the fish. Big tick!

The Spicy Lamb Burger ($20.50)

Next up, we opted for the 8 hour slow cooked lamb shoulder burger. This beast came covered in sriracha mayonnaise (which is just one of my most beloved things in the world right beside puppies and donuts), kimchi, BBQ sauce, snow pea tendrils, in between a brioche bun and with perfectly cooked fries on the side. It’s usually hard to pull me away from a burger with a beef patty in the middle – I don’t know why, that’s just what I always crave in a burg, but this was delicious. The meat was juicy, soft and had been pulled to perfection. Compared to what I usually love in a burger, this was probably a bit too intense in terms of flavour (with just a bit too much going on). However, it was still delicious and would go down a total treat for those who like a little something different.

The Glenny-Bim-Bap ($18.50)

These guys’ take on the uber popular bibimbap was amazing. Nothing like the traditional korean dish but fresh, healthy, tasty and surprisingly filling. Everything on this plate of salad belonged there – heirloom radish, red cabbage, edamame, sweet charcoaled corn, tofu, kale, cucumber, toasted almonds, sprouts, carrots, quinoa and lotus root chips. The tahini and miso dressing which came on the side was absolutely beautiful and not heavy like a lot of salad dressings are. The lotus root chips were a total highlight and tasted way too naughty for something that’s supposed to be good for you. Whether I’ve eaten 2 boxes of donuts the night before (which I kid you not, I did), this salad will be on my must order list any time I go back to The Glenmore. It’s one of those dishes that leaves you feeling really good about yourself and how #fitspo you are.

All in all, I cannot recommend The Glenmore enough. Whether you’re catching up with a few friends for arvo or evening drinks, or you just want a cute spot to go on a lunch date with your bae…this is the place for you. The relaxed atmosphere, great vibes, killer view and even better menu make it a foolproof place to let your hair down and indulge in epic food and drinks.

– A xx



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