XS Espresso – Wetherill Park

When it comes to food and my ability to go over the top in my explanations of it, I don’t usually struggle. This experience however was a total blur. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so simultaneously satisfied and sick in my life (with absolutely nobody to blame for the latter but my bottomless pit of a stomach). A couple of weeks ago, I rented a friend (since Chez was busy being an adult and working that day), we hopped in the car (along with our ghetto fabulous playlist to really get us in the mood) and adventured down to XS Espresso in Wetherill Park. Having seen this chocolate Mecca ALL OVER social media, it seemed only appropriate to not eat or drink anything but water and tea all morning – we were definitely going to need every square millimetre of space in our stomachs come lunch time.

Also a big apology in advance, in my state of chocolate-induced delirium, I neglected to note down the prices of every dish for our readers. However from memory, everything we ordered ranged from $12-20 (both drinks, mains and desserts so it was very much on the affordable side).

The first thing we noticed when we walked into this chocolate lovers dream come true was that almost every single person there had one XS’s signature OTT milkshakes sitting in front of them. This place has truly cultivated a cult-like following with the likes of their Volcano Shake, Maximess Shake, Surprise Shake and the Mighty Cronut Shake just to name a few.

The Volcano Shake

Words cannot describe how heavenly this bad boy was. Just look at the chocolate dripping down the sides of the mason jar?! LUHIAER823QLIQTLBSG!!! I have no shame in public, so as soon as this hit the table, my instinctive reaction was to lick the bajeesus out of the sides #sorrynotsorry! The molten cake on top was divine…the middle of it was truly like lava and surprisingly, it wasn’t a level of sweet that would stop you from enjoying the actual milkshake itself. Now that’s another story all together! I will never drink a whole glass of milk. Without going into details, that shiz just doesn’t agree with my stomach…but I’ll have you know, I did not leave one single drop of liquid chocolate-y goodness behind in this glass. YES YES YES YES! SO MUCH YES! Did I say yes?!

The Chicken and Bacon Salad

Contrary to the proportions of this photo, this salad was HUGE! My food-coma-companion for the day was nothing short of a gym junkie/total biceps the size of my head kinda guy, so it speaks volumes to moi that he couldn’t finish this beautiful and lightly dressed salad (or maybe he’s just soft unlike Chez and I). I stole some off his plate to try and this was definitely my kinda salad – light and fresh but still incredibly filling. Highly recommend this dish if you want to semi sort of try and offset the non-negotiable heart attack milkshake with a healthy main.

The smashed avocado on sourdough toast with haloumi, tomato and poached eggs

I think I’ve said it about 17,000 times before but heck I’ll say it again. Give me a good smashed avo/poached egg situation on a good hunk of sourdough and you will forever have my heart. It’s kind of become the unofficial indicator of how I make up my mind about anywhere I eat and this one did very well. The sourdough was toasted to perfection and the avocado was a little tangy in its seasoning (just the way I like it). The eggs were poached to runny-yolk perfection and the haloumi was on point. The only thing I would nitpick at this dish for was that there was just a tad too much tomato and they were quite sloppy, so I just pushed some of it to the side. Otherwise, the balsamic glaze on top totally brought it home!

The infamous donut bomb

When you put the words donut & ice cream sandiwch in the same sentence, I don’t think there’s anything that could possibly go wrong. This finishing dessert dish (like the milkshakes weren’t decadent and dessert-y enough to begin with) took us right back to our childhood. A beautiful and fluffy donut, stuffed with vanilla ice cream and then covered in delicious milk chocolate and EVERY type of candy you loved as a kid?! YES PLEASE! I don’t remember the last time I had Wonka’s Nerds or fairy floss so this was just a bit too much fun (and despite our severe urge to purge at this point we finished every last smear of chocolate).

All in all, we had such a blast visiting XS Espresso. It’s beyond me how everyone who works there is not the size of a house but they are all insanely lovely and the service is amazing! The main dishes were pleasant, but not absolute drop-everything and get there ASAP type things. The desserts and sweets on the other hand…WOW! SO much fun, SO much yummy, SO much food coma. Highly recommend a dessert adventure with a few friends here…you won’t be disappointed.

– A x


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