Recipe: Smoothie Bowl

I cannot tell you how often we get asked questions like “do you guys really eat everything you post on your page?” and “how are you not the size of a house if you do?”.

The answer is always a big, fat yes. But I’m also not going to sit here and pretend like the two of us don’t work our backsides off at the gym…because we do! If you’ve been following us for a while you probably already know, but for those of you who have just stumbled upon our little diary of food adventures (welcome, firstly), but let me also tell you that we both train at least 4-5 times a week. When we’re not donut-hunting or craving burgers, we run, box, do CrossFit, yoga, pilates and actually enjoy a very healthy lifestyle of fresh, nutritious & home-made food. We are big advocates of balance and enjoying the finer things in life but also looking after yourself. People often ask us what we eat on a regular basis to maintain this balance so here’s a little somethin’ somethin’ to answer that question…

Enter our new favourite discovery, the cool kid on the block; Wholey Foods! This bad boy is an out of control healthy smoothie mix made with grass-fed whey protein, oats, almonds, coconut, sunflower seeds, pepitas and chia that comes in Vanilla & Cocoa flavours, naturally sweetened with Stevia (can we get a hashtag HERE WE COME FITSPO?)!


Having recently launched into the cereal aisle of Woolworths, this game changing and nourishing breakfast alternative has us going totally gaga. Incorporating protein into your diet isn’t always as easy as you think but this smoothie is packed with protein. When blended with skim milk, it offers you a whopping 45% of your recommended daily protein intake (something we really struggle to achieve). We personally love it blended with nut milk in a smoothie, as a snack at work, or in between classes when racing around at uni – but we recently tried our hand at whipping up a smoothie bowl with it. Wholey moley (pun intended) is this nek level delicious and no joke, we’ve had it every day off at home since then!

We hope you all enjoy trying out the recipe – if you have any suggestions, tweaks you make or any photos you snap of them, we’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to see them so make sure to get in touch with us!

Happy Breakfast Bowling!

– A x

Difficulty: Easy

Makes: 1 smoothie bowl (with plenty of leftover ingredients for the day after, and the one after that)


100ml of your milk of choice (we used coconut milk)

1 x Packet of coconut flakes (to garnish)

1 x tablespoon chia seeds

1 x tablespoon raw cacao nibs (to garnish)

4 x heaped tablespoons Wholey Foods Vanilla mix

6 x ice cubes

1.5 x bananas, sliced

2 x strawberries,sliced

1 x small handful of berries (we used a few blueberries and raspberries)

Prepping the fruit for our wholesome breakky


  1. Combine milk, chia seeds, Wholey Foods powder, ice cubes and one of the sliced bananas in a blender and blitz. The consistency should be thick and creamy.
  2. Pour into a bowl and test consistency by placing a piece of strawberry on top. If it doesn’t move or sink into the smoothie base, it’s just right! If it starts sinking like the Titanic, you can throw it back in the blender and add a few more pieces of banana and a bit more of the Wholey Foods mix to thicken it up.
  3. Assemble your desired fruits on top of the blended smoothie mix as quickly as you can (since the smoothie bowl is best enjoyed cold).
  4. Garnish with coconut flakes, cacao nibs and sprinkle a few more chia seeds on top.
  5. VOILA! Enjoy your delicious smoothie bowl!


The high protein content of this bowl will keep you full for AGESSSSSS, so don’t be surprised if you don’t find yourself reaching for naughty snacks any time soon!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. spa says:

    Hi, Im doing the FODMAP diet in the elimination phase and wondering if I can take this? the actual ingredients listed are gluten and lactose free but it says it includes gluten. Is it because of oats being in there? Im not sure whether gluten form oats is allowed in the fodmap diet, esp elimination phase, but I love all the ingredients in this!


    1. Hey there,
      Thank you so much for your question! Would you be happy for us to pass your details onto the lovely people from Wholey Foods? They’re definitely the experts to chat to regarding something like the elimination phase of your diet 🙂
      xx Andia & Chez


      1. spa says:

        Yeah sure! thanks!


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