Sushi with a Twist – Woollahra

The food Gods have heard the Eastern Suburbs’ call for an fresh, exciting and authentic Japanese offering, and have answered!

Imagine a sushi train with the freshest seafood produce, light yet wholesome dishes, can’t-resist flavours, a modern and exciting menu and all of your traditional favourites. Sound too good to be true? We beg to differ! If you are an Eastern Suburbs local, or simply looking for a clean, authentic Japanese experience in Sydney, look no further than newly opened Sushi with a Twist. Just as the name suggests, it’s sushi – just not as you know it! Set up just like a traditional sushi train, Sushi with a Twist is quick, convenient, and extremely affordable, yet has a food offering miles above your stock standard sushi train (yes, you can BYO wine!).

We begun our Sushi with a Twist experience with a few delicious dishes off the train. Immediately we were blown away with how beautifully the dishes were presented – no stock standard sushi train offerings here! Even the tuna and avocado rolls excited…a rarity!

The Lion King roll ($9) was a definite train stand out for us – Soft shell crab, with cream cheese, salmon and dried leek. Beautifully flavoured, and melt in the mouth deliciousness at its finest.


We also highly recommend the Thai-ger Prawn ($9) – crab salad, king prawn, asparagus and thai salad – full of fresh, light and refreshing flavours, it is bound to leave you wanting more than 2 pieces!


The Kingfish Carpaccio ($12) was a welcome surprise when it arrived in all of its glory in front of us on the train. Most certainly a dish you would not be expecting on your average sushi train. With each flavoursome bite of the carpaccio, you could taste the freshness of the seafood, topped with a  little kick of spice from the Jalapeño upon each slice.


To ensure you experience everything Sushi with a Twist has to offer, we highly recommend ordering a variety of dishes “From the Kitchen”, of course, in addition to the variety you devour from the train itself!

The Gyoza Wagyu ($5) was on another level – delicious, tender, tasty Wagyu beef, concealed inside a soft, textured Gyoza.


The Tuna Tatami ($9) was simply a work of art – seared tuna, avocado, a lotus chip and a cherry tomato. The dish was flawlessly presented, the flavours were balanced perfectly, and most importantly, there was a generous portion of seared tuna, a more than welcome delight!


If you’re searching for a mid-week eat, the perfect date night spot, or simply some amazing quality, fresh Japanese food, we could not more highly recommend Sushi with a Twist. If you get a chance to pop them a visit, we would love to hear your thoughts!

– C x


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