The Terrace – Woollahra

Imagine the look of sheer disgust on our faces when we woke up on Sunday morning with pounding headaches, churning stomachs and blurry vision. That look of disgust quickly turned into one of joy and elation once we remembered that we were scheduled to head into The Terrace at The Woollahra Hotel for a total lunch FEAST!

We’re going to keep this review short, sweet and focused on the dishes we ate because to be honest, even though we didn’t know what to expect from ‘pub food’, this stuff was tasty, fresh and flavoursome as anything. Just a good ol’ fashioned feed of hearty food, just the way the hangover doctor ordered.

I know this may cause foodie headspin and total outrage but I’m going to go ahead and say it anyway. I. Hate. Cheese. The taste. The smell. The sight. There is absolutely NOTHING appealing about it to me and I don’t understand how people can sit and eat chunks of it on a small water cracker *ew*.

Having said that, if it’s cooked into a food where I can’t see it and the taste is overpowered by something else, then I’m game. That might make no sense to you, it kind of makes no sense to me either but I don’t argue with my tastebuds.

Mushroom & Truffle Arancini with aioli ($12)

These bad boys were fluffy as fudge on the inside and crisped to crunchy perfection on the outside. I cannot even explain to you how much I love truffles when they’re used the right way and these Arancini balls were spot on. The light dusting of parmesan on top was beautiful and I think if you had put a giant plate of these in front of me and told me that that was all I could eat for the next 3 hours…I would have been totally okay with that.

Salt & Pepper Calamari with pickled fennel & aioli ($15)

Salt & Pepper Calamari for us, is one of those menu staples that no matter where you go, it always just sounds like such a good idea. Who can say no to it?! This calamari was cooked to absolute perfection on the inside – not stringy, not chewy, just right! We’re used to a slightly crispier and less doughy batter on the squid but this might have been because it was only lightly battered and fried (in the good kind of way that doesn’t leave your mouth covered in grease after eating). However, the deliciously tangy and sweet aioli definitely brought it home.

Mixed Greens with Toasted Seeds ($9)

I know. You’re probably sitting there going “what on earth is wrong with you two? You’re hungover and you choose a plate of steamed vegetables to fix that?!” Yes. So much yes and I would do it all over again ten times. This seemingly unsuspecting plate of broccolini and bok choy was seasoned to perfection with salt and chilli. The toasted pepitas and pine nuts were the perfect crunchy addition to a beautiful, light and refreshing dish. We semi sort of found ourselves racing each other to finish this plate and neglecting the other dishes in front of us (I know, blasphemy), so just imagine how good it must have been to make us behave in such a manner!

Sesame Seared Tuna Salad ($24)

Salads are surprisingly one of the biggest hit and miss dishes I’ve experienced when dining out so far. I don’t know why but apparently it’s really hard to balance the right ingredients with the right amount of dressing – you always end up with one extreme or the other. This Sesame Seared Tuna Salad was made with mixed leaves, edamame beans, capsicum & a chilli soy dressing, which to me screams flavour flavour flavour! However the dressing was so light, you had to really try your best to find it or taste it. I usually like my salads bursting with flavour but what was nice about this was that the subtle dressing let the beautifully cooked tuna really shine through. My only qualm with this dish was the serving size of the tuna and the price tag that accompanied it. This salad is great if you are sharing it with someone else as a side, but if it was to be your one and only dish when dining here, it probably wouldn’t fill you up.

Pork Belly Tacos with pickled cabbage and Pico de Gallo ($5.50 each)


Mmmmmm….I just love tacos. A nice, rich meat with minimal toppings done right just speaks to my soul. When we first saw these Pork Belly Tacos on the menu we were both very curious about pickled cabbage in a taco as we’d never tried it before. Much to our delight, the combo of cabbage, beautifully pulled pork belly and Pico de Gallo was magical – so different to anything we’d ever had on a taco before! Our only piece of advice would be to not make the same mistake we did and eat these later in the meal. Our own fault, but the tortilla had gone ever so slightly soggy by the time we got to them so we highly recommend inhaling these the second they hit your table!

Capua Pizza ($23)

Last but not least, the knight in shining armour, the cherry on the Sunday lunch sundae…the never-fail pizza! Contrary to what I said earlier about cheese, buffalo mozzarella is one cheese that actually totes floats my boat (don’t judge – that’s not nice). So when we saw the words buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto, rocket, pecorino & basil next to the word pizza…we just knew we had to have it. It was everything we hoped it would be and more. The perfect topping to sauce to cheese ratio – you know they’ve nailed it when you could single handedly eat the whole pizza on your own #sorrynotsorry. YUMMM CRAVING THIS NOW WHILE I WRITE!!

All in all, we had an absolutely fabulous lunch at The Terrace. For those who are interested, this great local watering hole is also kid-friendly (both in terms of the space and menu offerings). We will definitely be back to try more of what we are happily dubbing the best pub/bar food we’ve had to date!

– A x


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