Sydney Smash Cakes – Sydney

Gather your closest friends together, and get your ultimate hulk smash ready because we are about to change your conception of cake forever! No longer is cake a mere “baked dessert”…it has metamorphosed into an explosion of sweet goodness, a sugar piñata if you will.


After stumbling across the phenomenal Sydney Smash Cakes (@sydneysmashcakes) on Insta we couldn’t resist the temptation to order one of these delicious creations for ourselves. Ranging in price from $65 for a “standard” Smash Cake filled with 1kg of lollies, to $110 for a more fancy creation topped with Nutella, Maltesers, Top Deck (or really anything your heart desires!) and filled with 1kg of lollies, the fun and lols they provide is worth every penny!



Sporting a hard shelled, creamy milk chocolate outer layer, topped with all our our favourite chocolatey things, from Top Deck, to Maltesers, Kinder Bueno and Raffaelo, these smash cakes really are what chocolate lovers dreams are made of!


Once you surpass the momentary heartbreaking thought of having to smash something so beautiful and delicately created into tiny little pieces, the excitement arises and anticipation peaks. You grab your supplied “smashing device” (a rolling pin) and WHACK straight down the centre! Laying beneath the beautiful chocolate shell is an explosion of sugar – sour worms, clouds, gummy bears and much much more.

Sydney Smash Cakes are the perfect dessert for your next celebration. Not only are they a tonne more fun than a bowl of chocolate and lollies, but once smashed they miraculously turn themselves into the perfect grazing table!

– C



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