Burgers By Josh – North Sydney

Let’s get serious for uno momento, because burgers are serious business. It’s pretty safe to say that following the end of the abominable milkshake fiasco (thank gawd that one’s over), the Sydney burger scene has absolutely exploded! Or maybe it was always there, but we just couldn’t see it amongst all the waffles, cronuts, ice cream and chocolate bars ever so practically stacked on top of mason jars. New faces like Jack’s Newtown, as well as legends like Neil Perry and his Burger Project are constantly battling each other in the fight for what is the coveted Sydney Burger Crown. We understand that burgers, very much like music, are purely subjective in taste. Some have chronic Bieber-fever while others can’t stand the sound, smell, sight or taste. One guy who we haven’t heard a whisper of debate about though…the wizard who is Burgers By Josh.

In a state of sheer panic upon finding out that Josh’s magical pop up has reached it’s last week in our neck of the woods, we grabbed our buddies from For Food’s Sake and set out to eat as much of the menu in one sitting as humanly possible.(Sidenote: I would highly recommend not planning to socialise post-Burger Josh – the rapid expansion and size of my stomach forced me into the horizontal position of lying down & taking a time out a house party an hour later).

The Infamous Primo ($20)

The Infamous Primo was one of the OG’s of Josh’s burger repertoire. It’s like the better looking, more athletic but still cute and funny older brother of the burger family. This bad boy boasts a list of ingredients fit to make even a vegetarian (and yep, we have one amongst us sometimes) drool. Two of Josh’s signature wagyu beef patties (which let us tell you, is cooked to pink friggin perfection every time) are sandwiched between a super soft milk bun that melts in your mouth and are accompanied by Sydney’s sexiest cheese, Primo sauce, jalapeños, beer battered onion rings, iceberg lettuce, bacon and a mozzarella jalapeño which sits gloriously on top. Trying to think of words to accurately express how this burger tasted and made us feel…really struggling. Here goes: you know how sometimes you are craving something, but you can’t pin point exactly what it is?! Then you play a little game of trial and error and occasionally you absolutely hit the nail on your taste-buds’ head? This burger was exactly that. The first bite sends so many feels through your entire existence that it literally had us flapping our arms about like birds and giggling. Dramatic, maybe. But you’ll understand if you go eat this burg for yourself.

The Phat Joe ($15)

The Phat Joe is hands down our recommendation if you’re not severely starving or want a burger that’s slightly on the lighter side. With one Wagyu pattie, smoked green chilli relish, lemon aioli, iceberg lettuce, American Cheese and Kosher pickles, don’t be surprised if you’re left wanting more once you finish this guy. We added smoky bacon to ours, but with slightly more manageably sized fillings, you should definitely order a side of beer battered fries or onion rings if you want to be full not just satisfied! The best part about this burger for us was the fact that it didn’t give you the “hoooomygod I just ate a burger with three days worth of calories in it and I need to spend twelve hours on the treadmill” kind of feeling. BIG TICK!

The Tower Burger ($20)

If you’ve ever ended up in the city absolutely starving after one too many beverages on a Friday night, like us, you were probably pretty chuffed by the news that KFC brought back their infamous Tower Burger a few weeks ago. Now imagine our faces when Josh told us he made his own version and had “one left for you guys to share”. DED (#weloveyoujosh)! Every element on this burger was cooked perfectly, crunchy yet juicy fried chicken, a golden hash brown, crispy as fudge bacon and a sauce so tasty and tangy it was almost criminal. The only downside of it was that physically trying to fit it into our mouths proved WAY more difficult that we had imagined. However for the professional burger-muncher, this should be no problem!

Jurassic Fries ($12)

Now for the often make or break of any burger joint – the fries! The Jurassic Fries or as we aptly named them in the car ride home, Ryan Gosling Fries – were simply out of this world, perfect, beautiful, dreamy & left us longing for more. Don’t make the mistake of making yourself think you’re going to “be good and just have a few” if you’re anywhere near this plate. We’re not usually ones to go gaga over anything with thousand island dressing on it, but when Josh combined it with liquid American cheese, crispy onions and shallots we’re pretty sure the golden gates of heaven opened and we heard the angels sing.

The DIY Tony Tower

It’s worth noting that having friends who are as obsessed with food as we are is all great and stuff, but sometimes you take a step back and think “are we for real”? “Did we really just think that fat”? If Josh’s take on the Tower Burger wasn’t monstrous and insanely delicious enough, we decided to live life on the wild side a little and combine two of our burgers into one. Everyone, meet the Tony Tower. With the same sensational bottom of the Tower Burger pictured above, the top half of this beast is usually known as The Fat Tony – another perfect Wagyu beef pattie, truffle mayo, Harvarti cheese, roquette and pickled spanish onion. Tony is your answer to the more classy hamburgler’s wants and needs. A little bit fancy, but still a ‘wrap your hands around me and don’t let go’ level of good burger.

If you’re a local to the North Sydney area, or even if you’re not…shake your groove thing and get to the Upper Deck to visit Josh before he packs up and moves onto his next pop up location. He’s even upped his trading hours this last week so there really is no excuse – Wednesday to Friday 11:30am – 3pm for lunch and 5-9pm for dinner.

If you’ve got 99 problems, a burger will no longer be one.

– A





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  1. forfoodssake says:

    Slow slow clap. Mucho excellent reading!! To many more burgers to come!




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