SumoSalad Green Label – Sydney Airport T2


The thought of “airport food” always seems to send a shudder down our spine, explaining the fear that struck down on us when we were booked onto a 12pm flight from Sydney to Melbourne – prime lunch time! There is no worse feeling that sitting on an aeroplane, absolutely starving, with your only options consisting of cold chicken sandwiches, meat pies and cheese and crackers.


To our delight, Sumo Salad’s new concept store “SumoSalad Green Label” has just opened in Sydney Airport’s Terminal 2! The SumoSalad Green Label stores are focused on the concept of “food with purpose” – seasonability, localisation and education. The Green Label stores source all of their product ethically, using local suppliers and Australian made products, taking a holistic approach to healthy food and how it is sourced, produced and sold in store.


After staring in awe at the glowing cabinet of fresh, delicious salads, we decided on the Large mixed salad and meat bowl consisting of Free Range Chicken, Seasonal Greens with Parmesan & Green Pesto Dressing, and Roasted Sweet Potato with Tahini Dressing ($14.50). We also decided on a small takeaway tub of Spring Beans with Fetta & Green Pesto Dressing and Pesto, Avocado and Walnuts ($9.50) for plane snacks incase the belly rumbles got a bit too real later in the arvo!

4We were thrilled to see our favourite Almond Milk from Inside Out Nutrition available in store, so without hesitation picked ourselves up a Coffee and a Salted Caramel Almond Milk ($6.50). The perfect accompaniment to our deliciously fresh lunch!


We were so impressed with how fresh and wholesome everything was – from the tender charcoal chicken, to the soft and well-flavoured sweet potato and greens which had still retained all of their crunch and flavour. Nothing was too “overdressed”, and everything tasted like what it was described as, a rare occurrence for “airport food”. The only downside in our minds is the priciness of the food – however we would have no hesitation paying a few extra dollars when we next fly if we receive the same fresh, delicious experience we had today.

If you are making a domestic trip anytime soon, we highly recommend you check in a little bit earlier and take the time to give SumoSalad Green Label a shot yourself!



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