Sir Braxton Chocolate Bar – Rockdale

Tucked away in the unsuspecting, back streets of Rockdale lies the chocolate haven that is Sir Braxton Chocolate Bar. After seeing one too many photos of chocolate covered-absolutely-everything on their Instagram, self control was no longer on our side…so off we went!

Having just finished an extremely tough gym session (see, we told you exercise = treat yo’self to some chocolate), we decided we’d line our stomachs with some savoury breakfast before indulging in the abundance of chocolatey goodness on offer.

Braxton’s Big Breakky ($22.90)

Much to our delight, the breakfast portions were very hearty! The Braxton’s Big Breaky: consisting of eggs your way, toast, chicken or beef sausages, hash brown, grilled tomatoes, salted spinach, herb mushrooms, beef rashes, turkey slices and their special yogurt dip…would be suited to share between two if you want to save space for dessert! For a chocolate cafe that isn’t known as a breakfast destination, we have to give them serious props for nailing every component on this plate. For those who are #eggporn adventurers, you’ll sleep easy at night knowing that the little bundles of joy on this plate exploded with the heart warming liquid gold that is the perfectly poached yolk.

Eggs Benedict ($19.90)

Not usually being ones to gravitate towards the traditionally creamy dish that is Eggs Benedict, we thought we’d live life on the edge a little and give it a whirl. Again, all components were spot on – sourdough toasted to perfection, delicious smoked salmon that wasn’t too salty, perfectly poached eggs and a hollandaise sauce that wasn’t overpowering. The only minor thing we’d change about this dish would be the avocado. Given the creaminess of the sauce and the richness of the salmon, we struggled to get through the avocado a little bit.


Sir Braxton’s Waffles (One waffle – $16.50, Two waffles – $19.50)

Queue the angelic music and the light of heaven’s doors opening. Well done waffles need no explanation, no introduction and no justification. They are just so darn good with a top notch Belgian chocolate and a creamy vanilla ice cream. These. Waffles. Were. Perfect. That. Is. All.

Sweet & Savoury Bites ($18)

Anyone who knows us will attest to the fact that we absolutely froth over anything that is a hybrid combo of sweet and salty. Sweet & Savoury Bites ($18) is the perfect example of that (don’t judge the chocolate covered hot chips or make an ‘ew’ face until you’ve tried it). This platter and its salty components, despite being quite pricey for its contents, served as a wonderful palette-cleanser between face-fulls of chocolate.

Chocolate Dream Crêpes ($16)

And now a drumroll for the straight-A student, the favourite child, the bees knees, the cat’s pyjamas, the straight up wonderful and Beyonce-level flawless dish that is this dessert! Words cannot explain how light & buttery, but not too sweet the Chocolate Dream Crêpes ($16) were. This meant that the dreamy combination of dark, milk & white chocolate drizzled all over the top was in no way sugar-headache-inducing. The little chocolate shavings around the edge of the plate melted in your mouth and the vanilla ice cream tied it all together perfectly. This was hands down our favourite dish of the day and the one we would drive 35 minutes for just to devour!

Sir Braxton, we know we’ve only been on one date…but we think it might be true love. If you are up for a second romantic rendezvous, you know where to find us!

– A


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